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Risk Management

Reduce your risk and your costs through the knowledge and expertise of CREIS’s in-house Risk Management team.

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Risk Management

For CREIS’ larger clients, we evaluate and benchmark current safety and loss prevention practices, identify gaps and create strategies to improve the organization within for Property and Casualty. Our Risk Control Specialists will thoroughly assess and create mitigation recommendations along with assist in carrier recommendation and claim advocacy.

On-Demand Resource Library

CREIS offers robust client resources which include; an online content library, a learning management system (LMS) with over 150 courses, an HR help hotline, and policy/procedure-building tools.

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How to Engage

For clients that are part of Service Excellence, the risk management team will review the account for all available credits and penalty avoidance measures available based upon the organization’s operations and risk profile. Account Managers or Client Executives may also reach out directly to the risk management team for ad hoc requests as they arise, or for accounts that are not part of Service Excellence.

For clients utilizing these services, there is no incremental charge.

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